sydney schaus-daniel schwartz-rose mcmichael-maxie lewis day 1 rototiller day 1 rototiller 2

Day 1: John Jay High School Senior Interns Sydney Schaus, Dan Schwartz, Rose McMichael and Madie Lewis, with Landscape Designer Pam Pooley, help clear debris at the site, and Kevin, from Town of Lewisboro Maintenance Department, turns over the soil. Photos by Sydney Schaus.

LLP crew on 5.18 LLP crew 5.18 LLP5-18bench-path LLP5-18maddie LLP5-18-ferns LLP5-18ferns two

Day 2: Today we spread compost, dug holes, dug rocks, planted 350 ferns and dozens of shrubs and trees, and built a path to the bench, a path through the garden, and a surrounding border! Photos (3-6) by Sydney Schaus.LLP-done 1The interns create a path: A path through the garden was created using light mulch and lined with branches. Our landscape designer got her inspiration for this from the Native Plant Garden that Shelby White built in Eleuthra.

LLP Garden 7-15

A large existing rock is incorporated into the garden: and becomes a place to sit!

LLP done 2The edge is delineated with rocks: Small rocks, found nearby, line the edge.

LLP Native Plant Garden kiosk sign LLP garden sign A descriptive educational sign is instaled: and the garden is dedicated on September 19, 2015.