Old Church Lane Preserve

Old Church Lane 2.10.16Click the image below to view and download the trail map:

Old Church Lane Trail Map 2.16.16

Old Church Lane Preserve is a 31-acre preserve consisting of shrub and forested wetlands surrounded by upland deciduous forest, ridges, and rock outcrops. The forested wetland, located in the southwestern section, is partially open. Skunk cabbage,
cinnamon fern, royal fern, and sphagnum moss are found in the ground layer. Red maple is the dominant tree species and broadleaf spirea is the dominant shrub. New York fern and witch hazel are found at the edges of the wetland. The upland area
contains sassafrass, in addition to black birch sugar maple, ironwood, red maple, red oak, chestnut oak and yellow poplar. In 2003, the ownership of the preserve was transferred by the Open Space Institute to Westchester Land Trust.

Highlights: Diverse wetlands with a variety of wetland plants, stream corridors, rocky ridges, mature forest with numerous hardwood species.

Directions: Go south on Rte. 123, take a right on Kitchawan Road. Go left on Old Church Lane. There is a small pull-off on Old Church Lane for parking.