Pine Croft Meadow

Pine Croft Long Pond 1.22.16Click the image below to view and download the trail map:

Pine Croft Meadow Trail Map 2.16.16

Pine Croft Meadow is a gently sloping, nine-acre open meadow, full of native grasses, wildflowers, rushes, and sedges. Various goldenrods are abundant in late summer and fall. The preserve attracts thousands of insects, from beetles and bees to dragonflies and butterflies — monarchs, tiger swallowtails, and orange fritillaries, among others. American kestrels (a small falcon that is increasingly rare in Westchester) can often be found. The preserve is also a good place to observe songbirds.

Pine Croft Meadow was donated to Westchester Land Trust in memory of Emery Katzenbach by his family.

The trail is a simple path that runs along the driveway crosses a small bridge, and then follows a mowed path through the meadow. The meadow habitat is maintained by mowing once a year in November. This allows for regeneration of the meadow in the spring and summer, providing food sources for butterflies and other insects throughout the season and allowing wildflowers and grasses to set seed.

Highlights: The driveway is a good place for walking strollers.

Directions: The entrance is on the west side of Mead Street, 1 mi. from Route 35. Enter driveway and park on the left.